Walter Bosse – History

Walter Bosse, 1904 Vienna (A) – 1979 Iserlohn (D) “… my true love was brass”

In 2000 Brandstätter publishing released the first monograph about Walter Bosse. Illustrated with various pictures it shows his highly creative potential and his influence and impact on the Viennese brass. Born in Vienna 1904 Bosse was a student of Micheal Powolny, Franz Cizek and Richard Riemerschmid.

He initially worked with ceramic sold by Wiener Werkstätte, Augarten and Goldscheider. Most of the sculptures had a grotesque touch, lips, eyes, fingers showed an almost childish joy about details. His studies of facial expressions were known all over europe. His designs, some of them were at a later date also produced in brass,are some of the most important works in post-war ceramics.

In the late 40ties Bosse began to produce countless animal brass miniatures in which he shows his admiration for the various forms of creatures. With his colleague Karl Hagenauer he created several figures inspired by the theme “zoo” like elephants, bears, giraffes

With the uncommon looks he focused on “making as many people as possible happy.“ In partnership with Herta Baller he presented his collection on art fairs in Frankfurt where he found a large amount of international customers. The play between polished / polished patinated brass was soon known around the world.

For many years we exhibited these little friends on several international fairs, f.e. in New York, London, Tokyo and like Walter Bosse did, we try to bring luck to other people.